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Glow Grail Dark Mark Corrector

Glow Grail Dark Mark Corrector

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Made with natural cleansing oils like Jojoba oil and Lemon essential our dark mark corrector oil is made to diminish those stubborn dark marks left behind from breakouts, blemishes and scars. When using AFK’s Glow Grail. You will be able to achieve bright and glowing skin while repairing and rejuvenating the skin cells to keep the glow lasting!

Feel at ease knowing the oil will not drip out or run in areas you don’t want it. Control your application and preserve collagen with this roll on pen! 

**This product pairs well with our Brownie Drip lip/face/body scrub. It’s the perfect duo to help get rid of dark marks and treat extreme dry areas of the skin. Along with other unwanted issues we have with our skin. Both products are in our Glow Kit. Try our Glow Kit to maintain and keep clear and glowing skin like the customers on our social media page or featured on the site! Our scrubs out gentle enough to use daily and even on infant and toddlers growing skin.** 

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