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AFK SKIN brings you skin care but this brand was developed with YOU in mind. AFK comes from a wholesome COMPOUND that is made to HEAL, REVIVE AND ENHANCE EVERYONE.
AFK was made to take your body and spirit on a new journey. A healthy and thriving journey. Along with self care comes self LOVE first and it is all a process to have and maintain. Trust your process, have fun and be empowered with The SKIN Journey With AFK SKIN. Each product brings your skin nutrients to maintain and gain the best health for you and your SKIN. Knowing what is in your skin care matters! Knowing what is in your skin care and knowing they are healthy and toxic-free is even more valuable. what AFK offers to you and the rest of our CREW FAMILY is real skin care with real ingredients •••••••••••••We are a honest, plant based brand that is here to Uplift, Enhance and Nourish our customer. Our CLEAN and EFFECTIVE products are only apart of our mission. We invite you to start the journey with us!